The ACE-2, automatic controlled two-arm theft prevention device, is a patented traffic and security solution offered exclusively by Brascon Steel Fabricators Inc.

  • A more robust deterring system than the ACE 1
  • Acts as access control security device by regulating the flow of traffic in a single direction
  • Refrains patrons from exiting through an entranceway and prevents potential opportunities for theft
  • Acts as an emergency exit when triggered by a fire alarm
  • AODA-compliant, abides by fire code, and handicap accessible
  • Made out of Stainless-Steel type 304, brush finish
  • Low visual footprint and sleek appearance, manufactured at Brascon headquarters in Ontario, Canada.
ace 1 image

Standard Features

  • Automated motion sensors
  • Theft prevention sensors
  • Visual & Audio cue which greets patrons upon entry
  • Visual & Audio Alarm which notifies staff and customers of unauthorized use
  • Alarm activated by pressing the emergency exit button
  • Manual Key override to keep the gate open for easy passage
  • Connect to 24V fire panel relay, opens the gate in event of an emergency
  • Powered by standard 110V-120V outlet
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Plan View

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Side View

ace 1 image

Elevation View

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Product Overview

  • Patrons use the device by simply walking through the unit in the intended direction of travel or by pushing the handicap accessibility button
  • When walking towards the unit the front optical sensor detects the user’s motion
  • Welcomes patrons with an audio cue and automatically opens both arms
  • The optical sensors located on the ACE-2 keep the arms open until the patron has cleared the gate
  • Once the ACE-2 has been cleared, the arms return to the closed position, preventing traffic in the opposing direction.
ace 1 image

Emergency Release and Key Switch

The ACE-2 is equipped with an emergency stop button and a key switch. When activated, the emergency stop feature will open the gate in the direction of the entranceway and will sound an audible alarm, turning a one-way entrance into an emergency exit. Connect to 24V fire panel relay to abide by fire code.

Additional features

  • Plexi-glass sides
  • Partition post sides
  • Light pole
  • Remote control
  • Handicap accessibility button