A Traffic & Security Solution

Prevent patrons from walking out of your establishment with merchandise by installing the #1 Security Access Control on the market! The Entech is a versatile entrance device which establishes a one-way flow of traffic into and out of a building. By placing this device next to a door or by guiding patrons through it using a railing system, business owners need not worry about patrons exiting through entrances, congested passage ways or theft..

entech two arm

Standard Features

  • The Entech Access Control & Security Device establishes a one-way flow of traffic into and out of an establishment automated motion sensors.
  • It aids in theft prevention and security by controlling traffic flow..
  • Units come equipped with a manual emergency release which allows the arms to fold into a stowed position beneath the Entech unit.
  • This manual release feature easily converts a one-way entrance into a fire escape. The release can also be used by staff for unrestricted two-directional passage of goods, merchandise, carts, pallets…etc. It is also helpful for cleaning in and around the unit.
  • It is designed for use in high volume traffic environments.
  • The stainless steel body and structure is durable, clean and attractive.
  • All units installed with a 36″ gap are handicap accessible and thus eliminate the need for a secondary access gate.
  • Left or right opening configurations are available.
entech two arm 2
entech 2 arm dimensions diagram
entech 2 arm dimensions2 diagram

Additional Options

  • Add an audible alarm which sounds when the emergency release is pulled. This feature signals both an emergency as well as a potential breach of security. The alarm can be activated and deactivated simply with the turn of a key. By deactivating the alarm, owners are able to release the arms allowing them to load/unload goods, carts…etc without the alarm sounding. The alarm runs off an internal battery, therefore it does not require an external power supply. This upgrade is highly recommended.
  • Add a customized adjacent railing system to guide traffic through the Entech access control.
  • Upgrade the unit’s arms to the curved arm configuration for optimal use with shopping carts.
  • Add a set of padded bumpers which slide on over the arms (note: this option is not available for units with curved arms).
  • Increase the flow of traffic by making it a double unit. This involves placing two units side by side with a single center rail.
  • Use a security partition instead of the standard Entech rail.
  • Have your Entech rail either removable, cored or fixed into the floor. The removable option is recommended as it makes cleaning in and around the unit easier. It also provides extra room if the entrance is used to load/unload pallets, carts, goods, kiosks and merchandise.
  • The unit can be upgraded by mounting it on a portable base. This allows for temporary use applications where fixing it into the floor isn’t an option (i.e. recreational events, outdoor functions..etc).


The Entech unit functions as both an access control and a security device by limiting the flow of traffic in a single direction. This prevents patrons from exiting through the entrance way and also diminishes the potential opportunities for theft to occur. Patrons may use the device by simply walking through the unit in the intended direction of travel. By walking through the unit, pressure is applied to the first arm which triggers an internal mechanism and signals the secondary arm to unlock. The patron may then exit freely out of the unit and into the establishment. Once the secondary arm returns to its original position, it once again locks in place. The Two-Arm Entech is fully mechanical and requires no electrical hookup.