• Constructed with 16 gauge welded steel tubing in accordance with industry standard and finished with hard bright Chrome or Stainless Steel.
  • Posts are 2 ¼” O.D.
  • Post heights and the location of fittings vary according to the type of post and where applicable, an industry standard that you may be required to match (see below for two standard configurations).
  • Posts come complete with cap, flange, flange cover and horizontal fittings as shown (3/8” x 3” wedge anchor sold separately).
  • Standard spacing between posts is 4’ (the maximum recommended space between posts is 6’)
  • Higher posts are available upon request
  • Available in chrome, satin chrome, powder coat and stainless steel
standards dimension

Types of Post

Single Line/Double Line Posts

  • Popular basic rail posts come in a variety of configurations. Standard overall heights of 35 5/8” and 38 ½”. Triple line made to order.

Interior Barrier Posts

  • Ideal for controlling the removal of shopping carts from stores. Available as fixed barriers for permanent installing, removable and locking removable.

Exterior Barrier Posts

  • Used to control shopping carts outside of stores. Available in 2” or 2 ½” stainless steel. Typically sold at a height of 40″. Available for cement-in applications, flange and cover mounting, or removable/socket installation.

“P” Posts

  • Allow wheel chair and baby buggy passage, but not shopping carts. Installed in pairs. Available as fixed and locking removable. Single or double “P” options available as shown. Height to bottom of “P” is 32 ¼”.

Top Plate Posts

  • Designed to support shelving, point-of-sale displays, etc. Height to top of plate is 42 1/8” and the plate is 2 ½” x 6”.

High Header Post

  • Used in conjunction with turnstiles to guide patrons through the unit.

Raised Floor Post

  • Designed for computer rooms and similar raised floor applications. Available as single line or double line. Telescopic lower section secures to floor below.
Double Line Post
Double Line Post
Exterior Barrier Post
Exterior Barrier Post
P Post
“P” Post
High Header Posts
High Header Posts

Posts Images

Post Mounting Options

Post Mounting Options


  • Constructed with 16 gauge welded steel tubing in accordance with industry standards and finished with hard bright Chrome or Stainless Steel
  • Horizontal rails are 1 ¾” diameter-16 gauge and are supplied in lengths that accommodate posts that are spaced apart in full foot increments (i.e. 4’ centerline spacing for posts requires a 3’ –9 ½” horizontal rail
  • Triple line rails or custom railings are available upon request!
Railings Table

Horizontal Rail Fittings

  • Horizontal rail fittings secure to both standard 2 ¼” diameter rail posts (TR3HF) or to flat surfaces (TR3WF).
  • All our horizontal fittings are secured by the use of set screws for ease of installation.
  • Selfdrilling and tapping metal screws are included
Horizontal Rail
Horizontal Rail Installed

Protective Post Bollards

Minimize door, post or railing damage with hard rubber protective wheel style bollards. Bollards are 5” in diameter by 1 ¾” thick. They can be mounted to posts at a customer specified height. Bollards are compatible with door guards and posts or rails composed of 2” tubing. Multiple bollards can be placed on a single post for use in high traffic areas. Available in Stainless Steel.

Protective Post Bollards

Post & Railings Pamphlet

This document contains all content from the product page on the website including standard features, additional options, dimensions, schematics, and a few additional notes for the user/owner. It serves both as a product brochure as well as a printer friendly version of the Post & Railing Systems Access & Inventory Gates Product Webpage.