A Kiosk & Structural Protection Solution

Case protectors are an inexpensive way of protecting railing systems, kiosks, displays, doorways, and practically any other object from damage caused by shopping carts, pallet trucks…etc. They come available in three heights and are finished in either bright chrome or stainless steel. Installation requires three 3/8” x 3” wedge anchors (sold separately). Brascon’s case protectors are installed with a concealed mounting bracket to maintain aesthetics. They can also be customized to suit customer requirements.

Styles to Choose From

Sheet style case protectors are made from your choice of stainless steel or chrome. Their dimensions and shape (square or curved) can be customized to fit site requirements.

corner pic
corner dimensions
corner 11

Tubular style case protectors can be made removable to allow for easy access and cleaning of unit or surrounding area. These case protecters are fabricated with 1 ¼” Stainless Steel tube. Dimensions can be modified to suit site requirements.

corner tubular pic

Protective Post Bollards

Minimize door, post or railing damage with hard rubber protective wheel style bollards. Bollards are 5” in diameter by 1 ¾” thick. They can be mounted to posts at a customer specified height. Bollards are compatible with door guards, posts or rails composed of 2” tubing. Multiple bollards can be placed on a single post for use in high traffic areas.

corner protective post bollards
Case & Corner Protectors Product Pamphlet
This document contains all content from the product page on the website including standard features, additional options, dimensions, schematics, and a few additional notes for the user/owner. It serves both as a product brochure as well as a printer friendly version of the Buggy Corrals and Swing Flaps Product Webpage.