High Security Partitions

A Security Solution

Our security partitions are an ideal addition to any transportation terminal, restricted area or retail environment. They provide establishments with an easy way to divide an open area into multiple separate, secure and private areas. If you have high ceilings and building a wall isn’t an option, our security partitions provide a feasible solution.

A Security Solution Wall


The main posts, horizontal rails, top cap and mounting flanges are all adaptations of the popular double line railing system and can easily connect to and continue the theme of the basic railing system. Bottom panels are scuff resistant and made from 7/16” melamine. The top panels are 3/8” thick and can be clear Plexiglas, Lexan or Semi Transparent Thermo-Clear plastic. You can add custom graphics if required.

Specification security partition diagram


  • You can add custom graphics if required.
  • Able to connect to another double line railing system
  • Substitute the standard Entech rail for a high security partition to increase security

Product Description Table
security partition diagram 1
security partition diagram 2

High Security Partitions Pamphlet

This document contains all content from the product page on the website including standard features, additional options, dimensions, schematics, and a few additional notes for the user/owner. It serves both as a product brochure as well as a printer friendly version of the Security Partition Product Wedpage.