The Entech Access & Security Device One-Arm

The One-Arm Entech Security Gate is a patented traffic and security solution offered exclusively by Brascon. The Entech unit functions as both an access control and a security device by limiting the flow of traffic in a single direction. This prevents patrons from exiting through an entrance way and also diminishes potential opportunities for theft.

entech one arm

Function & Operation

Emergency Release box

The One-Arm Entech Security Gate is pushed electrically controlled using motion sensors paired with a micro-processor and always sits in a ready position when not in use. Patrons use the device by simply walking through the unit in the intended direction of travel. As the customer enters the gate, the barrier arm open with minimal force using their natural body movement as they pass through. When the customer completely passes through the gate, the barrier arm returns to the home position and the intrusion zone detection is re-activated.

When the gate is approached from the exit side, sensors will detect a disturbance in the intrusion zone which will in turn lock the barrier arm from being opened. A red light will start flashing to signify an intrusion and, if the zone is not cleared, an audible siren will begin to sound.

All One-Arm Entech units come equipped with an emergency release. The emergency release feature allows the barrier arm to fold beneath the unit instantly transforming a one-way entrance into an emergency exit. The emergency release is both manual and automated, which may be release by physically pulling the emergency release lever, or it may be tied into a 24v fire alarm signal panel and will release at the moment the fire alarm is triggered.

We do not recommend placing documentation or baskets next to the One-Arm Entech unit. As this can distract users causing them to hesitate or turn around when passing through it. Users are encouraged to move forward and pass freely through the unit.

For children’s safety; please encourage users to pull strollers behind them through the One-Arm Entech unit as pressure must be applied to the arm in order for the unit to function accordingly. The arm is designed to automatically return back to its original position and therefore users, especially children and people who are the height of the arm must proceed with caution.

Standard single unit dimensions
face to face Double unit dimensions

Standard Features

  • The One-Arm Entech Security Gate establishes a one-way flow of traffic into an establishment.
  • ‘Plug & Play’ design allows you to simply plug the One-Arm Entech into any standard 110 – 120V electrical outlet and immediately start using.
  • One-Arm Entech units aid in both theft prevention and security.
  • All One-Arm Entech units come equipped with an automated and manual emergency release. This feature allows the barrier arm to fold into a stowed position beneath the gate.
  • The emergency release feature easily converts a one-way entrance into a fire escape. It can be used by staff for unrestricted two-directional passage of goods, merchandise, carts, pallets, etc. This feature is also beneficial for cleaning in and around the gate.
  • The One-Arm Entech Security Gate is designed for use in high volume traffic environments.
  • The stainless steel body is durable, clean, and attractive.
  • Smaller footprint than our Two-Arm Entech which requires less retail floor space.
  • Designed for use in high volume traffic environments.
  • The alarms can be activated and deactivated simply with the turn of a key. By deactivating the alarm, owners are able to release the arms allowing them to load/unload goods, carts etc. without the alarm sounding.
  • Designed to function with shopping carts and are handicap accessible.
entech 1 arm 2nd angle