turnstile standard features

Standard Features:

  • Brascon’s 4 arm turnstile provides establishments with a one-way access solution
  • Standard turnstile setup requires one high post with header arm, one lower barrier arm, two double line posts and two curved horizontal rails
  • The main post is 16 gauge –3 ½”
  • The arms are 16 gauge –1 ¼”
  • Operating direction can be easily reversed by field personnel
  • Mirror chrome finish
  • Emergency release feature allows turnstile to function in both directions by disabling the one-way locking mechanism

turnstile pic


  • Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
  • Chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel or powder coat finish
  • Add a customized adjacent railing system to guide traffic through the turnstile


The support post for the 4-arm turnstile is constructed from 3.5” (89 mm) chromed steel tube or stainless steel tube. The arms on this type of turnstile are fabricated from 1.25” (30 mm) chromed steel tube or stainless steel tube. The hub is spun from 14 gauge steel (chrome plated) or from 14 gauge stainless steel. All of the parts for the internal rotor are constructed from zinc plated steel.

The turnstile is fastened to the floor using ½” wedge anchors (4). The turnstile can be installed with or without a curved railing section and high header post. The high header post allows passage through the turnstile in only one direction. The curved railing section is used to direct traffic through the turnstile.

The 4-arm turnstile will spin freely in one direction but not the other. A visible safety release located on the top of the main posts allows the turnstile to spin freely in both directions when release using the emergency release wrench, which is stored in the hub assembly for quick access.

Turnstile Safety Release pic

Turnstile Part no.1
Turnstile Pic with Part no.