Here at Brascon we offer a wide variety of products and services. As a manufacturer, we offer custom solutions, however, much of our early success and the foundation of our humble beginnings is based on our commodity products that are efficient, ever-evolving, and successful to this very day.

Brascon offers businesses and retail establishments a variety of tools to help them strategize the traffic flow of their customers with barrier posts, bollards, and railings as well as prevent theft with our one-way turnstiles and breakaway lane closures. Some of our most popular products are our ACE and Entech security gates which come with a wide array of features such as one- and two-way openings, card readers for employees, manual and electronic options, alarms, fail safe sensors, motion detectors, remote controls, push button access and traffic counters that keep track of daily/weekly visits and what times and days to expect higher volume.

Brascon provides many post-COVID pandemic solutions such as contact-free entrances, plexiglass guards, dividers, and retractable tape stanchions that attach to free standing posts or mount to the walls of your establishment to sort lines, block two-way traffic, and prevent close contact. The beauty of working with a well equipped custom manufacturer is that Brascon can always evolve with the times and adjust our products to meet specific needs and modifications as they change.

So don’t ever be afraid to think outside of the box when doing business with Brascon. Our biggest strength is that nothing is impossible – All you ever have to do is simply ask!